HANAC was founded in Queens, NY in 1972 to serve the needs of the Greek Community.
With its roots deep inside Astoria, HANAC has expanded throughout the city and beyond.
Today, HANAC has grown to be a city-wide non-profit organization serving the needs of the most vulnerable throughout NYC
HANAC was founded in Queens, NY in 1972 to serve the needs of the Greek community. At that time, Greeks coming to the United States needed social services to get acclimated to life in America.
Through the 1960's immigration from Greece was soaring and many Greeks settled in Astoria. Our founder, was a reporter for the Long Island Press working at City Hall and became aware of the substantial needs of the Greek immigrants and overall, the Greek American Community. Our founder approached Mayor John Lindsay and explained the problem and sought his assistance with these needs.

He was awarded a planning grant of $75,000 to establish HANAC as the organization to administer these funds and determine the scope if the problem. The first office was established in 1972, staff was hired and interns were solicited from Columbia and NYU to conduct a study and determine the needs of the Greek Community in Astoria. The study showed that the elderly were in need of social services and new immigrants were in need of learning the English language. Soon thereafter, HANAC submitted NYC Proposals for a Senior Center and to become an ESL language provider.

Today, HANAC is a citywide social service organization, servicing 30,000 NYC residents annually receiving funding from City, State and Federal agencies. Additionally, HANAC currently has a portfolio of 650 senior affordable housing units throughout Queens, NY.
Our mission
To develop, implement and administer the operation of service programs for the betterment of the community
To provide these services to any and all who are in need without discrimination as to race, creed, national origin or other defining characteristic
To work closely with other providers, the city, state and federal governments for the betterment of the community.

July 13, 2020

At this COVID-19 time with the abundance of time on my hands, I have to reminisce. Before retirement I managed a law office in Manhattan. Eventually, the firm folded because the founder himself retired. I found it impossible to find employment because of my age, and nothing seemed suitable to my standards. I would have to start elsewhere at an entry level.

I came to HANAC in 2011 and found my dream second life. It was as though I entered a new phase of my life because I found friends that became my extended family. I bonded and discovered a whole different world. I found I could come and go to the center at my choosing taking classes in anything from discussion groups, exercise classes, do field trips, see movies and the like. I was introduced to photography and have been doing that ever since. I had the luxury of participating in the offerings or not.

Eventually, I felt comfortable enough to participate in several committees including the Advisory Committee where I felt as though I were back at the law office happily keeping records. I cannot tell you the amazing bonus I received when I volunteered to organize the library in total disarray at the time. I was my own boss, and I was again in management.

I couldn’t be happier until this year, the era of the coronavirus. With the mandatory closing of the center, I thought all would be doom and gloom. I was totally wrong. Because of your concern with the HANAC community, you established an ability to reconnect with others. I envisioned a world of isolation, but you gave us Zoom. Not only is the connection an invaluable tool to continue with our interests in the arts, exercise, wellness, and academic endeavors, the program helped me to bear the self-quarantining. I could tune in and see my friends and share thoughts and have that link with my peers.

And you did more than keep morale up, you have your staff call us at times to see if anything is amiss. You took in our complaints and saw that food was delivered to us.

Maria, you are the glue that keeps the HANAC community together. My hats off to you, and I hope to see you back at the center sooner than soon.

Most sincerely,


My husband passed away 10 years ago. I needed to find something to fill my days. I was fortunate to learn about HANAC and joined 7 years ago. When I wake up, I have the incentive to dress and put on my earrings. I know that my caring bus driver will soon be here to escort me to the van that will take me to HANAC. From the moment I get on the bus, till the moment I return to my house, I feel cared for and loved.

As soon as you enter HANAC you are greeted with smiles from the staff and members. People are happy to see me and I them. I joined programs such as chorus, exercise, jewelry making and art. Our members created beautiful jewelry. I was responsible for the organization of the jewelry sale. This gave me joy and purpose. The instructors are so kind and inspiring. On Fridays, we have Bingo, which I love and one Tuesday a month we have a party. My day goes by so contently. I enjoy eating a good lunch there with my friends. HANAC is my family and my second home. HANAC has provided us with zoom classes which keep us connected during this during this corona virus epidemic.

Thank you HANAC for all you do for me and other seniors.

Despina Sourvanos - 95 years old

I retired 10 years ago from teaching. I now had the time to exercise and engage in creative options. Fortunately, my mother, introduced me to HANAC. I thought that this was a place for older seniors but I soon discovered it offered many things for this “junior seniors.” From the moment, I joined HANAC, I began a new and fulfilling life. HANAC offers me the opportunity to work on my art and creative skills with a knowledgeable instructor. Each day our amazing physical fitness instructor provides us with different exercise programs. Nutrition and wellness workshops are given weekly. I am involved with setting up trips that our members enjoy. I volunteer for events and I am pleased that my experiences and skills can be used to help enhance HANAC’s already amazing programs.

HANAC gives people the opportunity to explore new interests, make new friends and have a good time. During this corona virus epidemic, our HANAC administrators have worked diligently to provide their members with the opportunity to connect with instructors and classmates through zoom.

These zoom classes have made a big difference in the way we are able to cope with this isolation. I thank HANAC for all they do for us.

Genoveve Pollatos – Vice Chairperson – 69 years old

Board Leadership
HANAC is supported by a strong leadership team that is committed to the organization, its growth and responsiveness to the needs of its constituency.
George T. Douris
Board of Directors
Evangeline Douris
Co-founder, Chairman
Nikitas Drakotos
President, M&N Management Corp
Arthur Cheliotes
Vice President
Communications Workers of America, President of the Union
Dennis Yuelys
George Mihaltses
VP for Government and Community Affairs, New York Public Library
Tammy L. Berentson
Board Member
Chief Marketing Officer, FreshDirect
Helene Caloir
Board Member
Local Initiative Support Corporation (LISC)
Constantina S. Papageorgiou
Board Member
Associate Attorney, Vishnick McGovern Milizio LLP
Dr. George Syros
Board Member
Mount Sinai Hospital, Queens
Nicholas Tjartjalis
Board Member
Owner, NTA Design Group LLC
Demetria Tsagaris
Board Member
Executive Leadership Team
Executive Director
Chief Financial Officer
Director of Programs & Development
Director of Housing Development
Director of Human Resources
Stacy Bliagos is the Executive Director of HANAC and has an extensive background in public service and social welfare, with more than 15 years of relevant legal and managerial experience. Before joining HANAC, Inc., Ms. Bliagos has held various senior positions with New York City’s Department of Social Services. Her experience includes managing and overseeing Business Link, a division of Career Services and numerous workforce development programs that aided more than 13,000 public assistance recipients each year. She has worked in both nonprofit and corporate settings, and currently serves on the New York City Bar Association’s Career Advancement and Management Committee. At HANAC, Inc., she oversees all areas of the organization including all social service programs, affordable housing development, and property management. Ms. Bliagos holds a Juris Doctor and Bachelor of Arts from Pace University; she is licensed to practice law in New York State.
Andrea Jerves is a graduate of John Jay College of Criminal Justice, where she received her bachelor's degree in Public Administration, and currently, Andrea is pursuing her master's degree in Public Administration Management and Operations from the same University. She is a member of the Pi Alpha Alpha, The National Honor Society for Public Affairs and Administration, and has a diverse background in designing social service programs that attempt to create a sustainable and equitable solution to a range of community needs as well as to enhance the efficacy and outcomes of the program's design, the communities, and its participants.
During her eight years' career at HANAC, Andrea has been planning, implementing, and developing programs and stable relationships among other community-based organizations, small businesses, and elected officials. Currently, Andrea is managing as many as thirty (30) social service programs, and works in conjunction with twenty-plus Program Directors in the provision of services to more than 30,000 clients yearly.
Paola Duran holds a MS in City and Regional Planning from Pratt Institute (New York) and a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from Javeriana University (Bogota, Colombia). She has over 9 years of experience and has been involved in the planning and development of more than +700 affordable housing units in New York with on-site social services for its residents and, in the improvements of more than 15,000 housing units in Colombia through a micro-credit model for very low income communities. She has also managed a job creation and social services program (including education and empowerment toolkits, and services to eradicate all forms of violence against women) for women head of household in Colombia, generating more than 300 jobs per year.
Lola Maroulis is the Chief Financial Officer for HANAC, Inc and its subsidiaries. As CFO, Lola oversees all accounting and financial functions for HANAC, Inc. and its subsidiaries. Lola Maroulis graduated with honors from St. John’s University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting. She began her career with HANAC, Inc. as a Bookkeeper directly after obtaining her degree. In just a couple of years she was promoted to Fiscal Director of HANAC’s largest subsidiary. Shortly after she was promoted to Controller and eventually to Chief Financial Officer of HANAC, Inc and subsidiaries. Lola has been with HANAC for many years and has attained extensive experience in non-profit and for-profit accounting as well as extensive financial management experience with a focus on developing policies and procedures to improve productivity and performance.
Neil Grant is a Human Resources Executive with 18 + years of successful experience between corporate and non-profit settings. His passion is providing Human Resources solutions by helping build Human Resource infrastructure through technology, compliance, and people.
Neil holds a Bachelor of Science in Management from University of Phoenix, Jersey City in New Jersey. Neil will apply for certification as a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR, SHRM-SCM) before the end of 2020. Neil is an active member of the prominent Human Resources organization the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). Neil is also an active member of Healthy Kids First, a New York non-profit where he also served as Chief Financial Officer and a board member for 5 years.

Karline Guzman works as the Director of Property Management for HANAC. She started in property management as a receptionist, twenty years ago and worked her way up to Assistant Property Manager, then to Property Manager and now to Director.

Starting from the bottom up gave her an advantage of seeing all sides of property management and where HANAC can improve in this area. She has leased up and cleaned up multiple buildings in her previous jobs and it’s a passion for her to find suitable accommodations for the clients. Her goal is to broaden HANAC’s role in property management and become a household name in low-income housing.

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