On Thursday, June 27th, 2019, the HANAC Corona Senior Residence development team spoke at the panel “Passive House Affordable Senior Multifamily in Queens” at the 2019 North American Passive House Network Conference. HANAC’s Director of Housing Development, Paola Duran, joined Brian Dobrolsky (Think! Architecture and Design), Jahnavi Sajip (New York Engineers), and Gina Buffone (Association for Energy Efficiency, Inc.) in discussing the unique challenges and benefits of incorporating Passive House design into a multifamily, affordable housing development for seniors. The conference drew architects, engineers, developers, policy makers and other professionals from around the world to discuss the latest innovations in Passive House design. Passive House building’s use up to 90% less energy to heat and cool, compared to traditional construction. The HANAC Corona Senior Residence is one of the largest Passive House senior housing developments to be certified in the United States.

From left: Gina Buffone (Association for Energy Efficiency, Inc.), Jahnavi Sajip (New York Engineers), Brian Dobrolsky (Think! Architecture) and Paola Duran (Director of Housing Development, HANAC)