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HPD partners with community-based service providers in New York City who help people prepare and apply for affordable housing. We partner with these Housing Ambassadors to help provide up-to-date, consistent information and assistance about the application process to communities, and we encourage people to contact them for guidance.

Please see the link below, HANAC is listed under “Queens Organizations” there is a link to direct people to our website from the HPD website. I think its great to be on that list, it gives HANAC more exposure, and HANAC/HPD will  host meetings with community members in order to inform them about the application process for affordable housing.

Also please see here the link for the promotion video


Archbishop Iakovos Senior Housing, 21st St, Astoria, NY

99-unit senior housing building with parking

Located on 21st St in Astoria, AISH consists of a 5-story building containing 99 apartment units, a parking lot and substantial community and commercial space. AISH was the first of the HANAC buildings, and still retains its original superintendent.

To apply, please download our application package

Presbyterian Church of America Senior Housing, 33rd St, Astoria NY

66 unit senior housing building with parking

PCA is located on 33rd St in Astoria, on the site of an old Presbyterian church.  Artifacts of the historic original building are retained in the public areas of PCA, and the building features public space, a garden, and a parking garage.

To apply, please download our application package

George T. Douris Tower, 27-40 Hoyt Ave S., Astoria, NY

184 unit senior housing with parking lot and associated garage

Named after HANAC’s founder, GTDT is HANAC’s newest and flagship building, featuring commercial and public spaces, a senior center, extensive resident services, and luxurious appointments.  This building also houses our management operations.

To apply, please download our application package

Or click to download our SPITI Application package

Corona Senior Housing

66 unit Senior Apartment Building

Under construction, CSH features energy-efficient Passive House construction technology designed to maximize energy efficiency and minimize utility costs to residents and ownership.

To apply, please download our application package

One Flushing

To apply, please download our application package