Extended Services Program

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Senior Services

27-40 Hoyt Ave South
Astoria, NY 11102
Tel (718) 728-3586
Fax (718) 728-3749/1312

Program Hours

Monday-Friday 9am-5pm

Information and referrals to social service entitlements are key to providing seniors and caregivers the tools necessary to ensure the optimization of resources available to them. Our comprehensive programming allows individuals to obtain access to these benefits as well as the full range of available services through HANAC’s multiple programs.

Extended Services

The Extended Services Program provides information, assistance and referrals to over 450 clients a month related to:

* Social Security                                                         * Medicare, Medicaid

* SNAP-(Food Stamps)                                             * Public Assistance

* Reduced Fair Metro Card                                      * Translation services

* Heating Education and Assistance Program (HEAP)

* Elderly Pharmaceutical Insurance Program (EPIC)

* Senior Citizen Rent Increase Exemption (SCRIE)

* Represent homebound clients with city agencies

* Referrals to social service programming


HANAC NWQH (NorthWest Queens Housing)

Over 120 individuals per month are assisted with concerns related to:

  • Landlord/Tenants problems
  • Housing Applications
  • Lease Assistance Assist
  • Applying for Affordable housing for low income and seniors
  • NYCHA – (New York City Housing Authority) Section 8   Recertification
  • NYC 210 and IT 214 Tax Refund applications
  • Heating Education and Assistance Program (HEAP)

Assistance is also provided to seniors who are qualified to freeze their rent through SCRIE and for the disabled through DRIE. Minor Home Repairs may be available through the METROPAIR Program and homeowners may be referred to HANAC’s Weatherization Program.

HANAC Caregivers Program – SNAP    

The program provides individuals who are responsible for the care of a senior or a disabled person with information and referrals that may offer enhanced services to the individual in need. 

A caregiver can be anyone who:

  • Seniors taking care of their spouses
  • Children or grandchildren taking care of their parents or grandparent
  • Neighbors or friends taking care of older adults living down the street
  • Grandparents taking care of grandchildren

HANAC Caregivers – Sunnyside

The program provides caregivers with information and referrals related to benefits and entitlements, medical insurance, and home care services that may be necessary to provide better care the individual in need.

Goal of the caregivers program is to:

  • To provide information to family caregivers about available services
  • To provide assistance to family caregivers in gaining access to services
  • To lead family caregivers to individual counseling, support groups or caregiving training
  • To lead family caregivers to respite care to enable them to be temporarily relieved from their caregiving responsibilities
  • To provide supplemental services on a limited basis, to complement the care provided by family caregivers.